Dejan Ranisavljevic


i have proven experience in developing complex web applications. I'm currently living in Germany, Munich.

My main area of expertise lies in the leveraging of modern web technologies to produce beautiful, scalable and robust websites, web applications and mobile experiences. Combining an in depth knowledge of the full stack with a focus on ux and ui, implementation, testing and best practice - utilising modern tools, technology and methodologies - such as; TDD/BDD, Scrum, API first, offline first, mobile first, progressive enhancement and graceful degradation to deliver scalable, stable and engaging digital products.


  • Senior Software Engineer

    HolidayCheck AG Munich, Germany January 2019 — present

  • Architect, Experience Engineering

    SapientRazorfish Munich, Germany January 2017 — January 2019

    Responsible for leading small to medium teams of developers, defining their approach, architecture of frontend applications, and owning the quality of the final deliverable.
    Working closely with Designers, Information Architects and other creatives to promote best practices and highlight innovative solutions.
    2 Notable Project
    • Porsche, Porsche Golf Circle
      Social and Event mobile app for people who own Porsche and are interested in golfing. My main role was architecture, development and bootstraping of mobile frontend project. Teaching and growing new people about modern web development, React, React Native, and functional programming. Performant and modern mobile app, with a lot of nice transitions. Developed for both android and ios platform.
      javascript, react, react-native, redux, redux-saga, ios mobile development, android mobile development, unit testing,
    • Hugo Boss, Web Store and Fashion Portal
      Responsible for improving website performance, initial page rendering and time to first interactivity on existing websites for different regions and global markets. Revisited and refactored some of the components used, and made a huge performance improvements to page loading and rendering.
      javascript, profiling, website page performance,
  • Senior Javascript Developer

    Shore GmbH Munich, Germany July 2016 — January 2017

    Responsible for leading small team and developing calendar app for CRM web application used to provide digital solutions for local service providers. Additionally responsible for refactoring and rethinking of the whole frontend infrastructure and working with big legacy code base. Helped others learn vim and adopt best practices regarding test driven development and functional programming.
    1 Notable Project
    • Shore, CRM and Calendar App
      Used for scheduling, booking and getting overall view and status on bookings, shifts, vacations, public holidays and different timeframes. State of the art performance and interactive app built using React and D3.
      nodejs, webpack, javascript, react, redux, redux-saga, tdd, unit testing, end to end testing,
  • Software Developer

    CHECK24 - Das Vergleichsportal Munich, Germany Jun 2015 — July 2016

    Mixed role with emphasis on front-end and javascript, improving tooling and bringing best practices in different projects. Working there also included working on infrastracture and microservices. Building infrastracture around consul, docker, and bamboo/octopus for CI/CD. As a part of the initial core team, we have delivered very optimized and performant mobile SPA and separate desktop SPA.
  • Web Developer

    BlockChain Innovation Inc. Austin, USA August 2014 — February 2015 (7 months)

    Worked on couple of internal projects, as full stack javascript developer. Improved design and testability of existing codebases. Lead Developer on realtime single page app for alternative cryptocurrency portal with merchant capabilities. Integrated bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrency, withdrawal and depositing via blockchain.
    2 Notable Project
    • Portal with merchant capabilities, for alternative cryptocurrency
      Project lead for new merchant facing Single Page Application including; software design, architecture, unit testing, tooling and distribution. Integration with payment gateway.
      javascript, nodejs, express, redis, socketio realtime angularjs restful api oauth
    • Cloud managment app for bitcoin miners
      Development of new functionality on existing app, testing, debugging and profiling existing functionality
      javascript, nodejs, express, redis, socketio angularjs
  • Web Developer

    Saturized - The Interactive Agency Novi Sad, Serbia March 2012 — August 2014 (2 years 6 months)

    Mixed role with emphasis on the front-end in particular Javascript single page application, development including; software design, architecture, writing user stories, writing specifications, prototyping, testing (Unit + Integration), tooling and distribution. Occasional PHP development. I had great impact on standardizing development process, and adopting modern technologies with best practices.
    4 Notable Projects
    • Brief Nest
      Development, architecture and organization of modern single page application in NodeJS and AngularJS with realtime capabilities. Development of open source tool we used for speeding up markup development.
      javascript, nodejs, express, socketio, RESTful, redis, nginx, docker, continuos integration, test driven development, realtime, scrum, code review
    • Its My Play
      As lead javasript developer, my main role was developing complex backbone single page application, bringing modern frontend practices and tools. Also developing some API's on backend, and coordinating team.
      javascript, php, backbonejs, underscorejs, requirejs, design patterns, domain driven development, test driven development, scrum, user stories
    • Enbridge - Six Seconds Safety
      Development, architecture and organization of complex single page application, presentation like. Custom effects and rendering, preloading assets, and working with video.
      javascript, animations, transitions, backbonejs, complex rendering and queuing, audio, video, scrum
    • Infomatic App
      Backend development and background processing application, for mobile facing API. Coordinated team. Software design, and architecture for processing statistics via fetched user informations from facebook, twitter.
      javascript, nodejs, REST, API, redis, job queues, distributed application, continuos integration, test driven development, scrum, facebook api, twitter api
  • Web Developer (Remote)

    First Beat Media Florida, USA May 2010 — March 2012 (1 year 8 months)

    Working there included mostly backend development with PHP, MYSQL, MEMCACHED, and building user interface using javascript, jquery, and jquery plugins. Profiling and debugging of bottlenecks. Improving performance of PHP application and resolving various issues.
    1 Notable Project
    • DatingVIP
      Development of wide range of modules for high traffic dating platform. Development and maintenance of OAuth server and open source libraries for accessing API with OAuth authentication. Development and maintenance of iframe apps.
      php, mysql, memcached, nginx, smarty, linux, css, javascript, jquery, design patterns, oop, oauth
  • Web Developer (Remote)

    Zingsphere Ltd Toronto, Canada May 2008 — August 2010 (2 years 4 months)

    Web development, and architecture using modern web technologies and tools. Development of company portal and PHP MVC framework we used for various projects. Configuring deployment tools and processes for continuous integration and delivery. Development of Wordpress plugins, widgets and themes.
    php, mysql, smarty, css, javascript, jquery, design patterns, oop
  • Web Developer

    A51 Software Development Novi Sad, Serbia May 2007 — May 2008 (1 year 1 month)

    PHP development, frontend development and customer support.
    1 Notable Project
    • ActiveCollab - Project Managment And Collaboration Tool
      Development of wide range of modules, and application specific logic. Building main website, integrating billing and merchant gateway. Adopting and improving PHP framework with best practices and Design Patterns. Integrating with other platforms and applications.
      php, mysql, smarty, css, javascript, jquery, design patterns, oop


  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • React Native
  • GraphQL
  • RESTful Services
  • Distributed Applications
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration/E2E Testing
  • Continuos Integration
  • System Architecture
  • Design Patterns
  • Functional Programming
  • iOS and Android development
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • AWS Services
  • Serverless
  • Mysql
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Tmux
  • Vim


I hold no relevant higher education qualifications relating to the areas of Computer Science or programming. I feel more than comfortable in the company of intellectuals and I do have years of real-world experience under my belt building a wide range of technical solutions giving me a great insight into the digital product development process.

Here is what higher education i attended and how far i reached:

  • High Technical School of Professional Studies, Novi Sad, Serbia
    Course: Information Technologies

    I was working while studied here. After second kid and new job, i paused on third year, with couple of exams left.

  • Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia
    Course: Computer Science

    I haven’t found here a good advance in programming and information technologies, as the program was pretty old and outdated. So i officially dropped out in 2005, when i decided to go full-time freelancing and learning on my own.

  • High School Education
    Technical School "Nikola Tesla”, Kostolac, Serbia, September 1999 - July 2003
  • Elementary School Education
    Elementary School “Branko Radicević”, Golubac, Serbia, September 1991 - July 1999


Date and Place of Birth:
01. 10. 1984. Serbia


Language Skills:
English (business fluent)
German (very basic)
Serbian (mother tongue)